Choix irrationnels et invasion Zombie (en vo)

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Choix irrationnels et invasion Zombie (en vo)

Message  Major Threat le Mar 23 Juil - 12:26

Un petit topic de l'excellent British Psychological Society Blog :

Irrational human decision making during a zombie apocalypse
You're in a room full of lumbering zombies and you want to get out quick. Here's a tip: the stress of the situation will make you favour the exit that you're most familiar with even if that's the busiest way out. Give yourself a better chance by checking that there isn't a quieter way to escape the flesh-munchers.

This is the lesson from a study conducted by researchers at the ZombieLab event held at London's Science Museum earlier this year. Nikolai Bode and Edward Codling presented 185 participants (90 women; average age 25) with a computer simulation showing a top-down view of a corridor and a zombie-filled room with two available doorways on opposite sides.

A lire sur leur blog...

Au passage, la petite chronique Destroy du nanar World War Z :

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